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well, what you haven't experienced, you don't know what you mean by matchmaking/mp browser.

The-Armory clan has a full server nightly, since late June, when they took up the cause again - they had rented from day 1 of the RSP feature but were held back by Dice-an problems.

Now their server runs all 22 maps with map vote between 2 maps at round's end. They play Conquest - the only mode worth playing. Glitches and lockups are rare. Much prettier game graphic wise compared to BF4 and 3. And smooth play. And so many weapons and vehicles - authenticity is a fascinating aspect of BF1. I'm now ready for BFWW2 - which would probably mark the return of the modern Spearhead that so many of us have wished for the last dozen years or so.

Browser problem - it does not hold Recent history. So you mark a server as a favorite. The-Armory and SC 8 Teamplay - SC 8 has server set to start with 6 players, so it is marked as custom, but DICE has allowed Quick Match on such servers.

Premium owners get rapid join when in Queue because of the Premium Priority.

Browser search fields are extensive, and its easy to find even your favorite servers in the multiplayer browser .... the only problem that I have is that players tend to use Quick Match, apparently, so that a partially full server will max out in a few minutes - i.e., not too many partial filled servers - they don't stay that way long, but then again - 64 players is a lotta targets.

There are a ton of East Coast DICE or official servers - they still run the 3 map packs separately, from what little I've looked - and those servers tend to be under adminned, as much adminning can be done. But on a clan server, clan presence and regular returning players show they're all about the playing the f****** objective.

For the few of us who remain on our TS and play this game, there are no miserable foxhole players. You know, everyone has their opinion on each game that comes out, and in the Allied Assault series and the BF series, there have been successive waves of moaners who quit the new game. I saw clans re-orient their gaming to another title. Call of Duty series has been out of this discussion since the infamous CoD MW2 2009 release without dedi servers - announced, as you all remember, 3 weeks before release date.

BF4, in a way, killed it for a lot of people, including the group I'm playing with, because it lasted 3 years - not the usual cycle - and some of our players wandered off after 2 plus years to play those 'other games'. BF's Battefront [StarWars] was a dud from beta. BF Hardline was a 1 month headturner. I have more time to play than you all who have posted here, but a coupla hours plus per night is enough for my gaming pleasure.

I'd say Cya on the battlefields, but I won't. There's only 2 of us who've posted on here that have played BF1. Seriously, BF1942 remastered to 4k standards. Don't believe that involves gameplay for a 15 year old game.
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