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Just what you would expect at this point. The obligatory marketing campaign. Boots on the Ground theme. Sledgehammer to take on Nazi Zombies is news I guess. Unclear information whether pre-ordering PC will get you in the Beta. Whether one has to buy the Steam Digital Deluxe to be in the Beta. Whether PC will be included in the Beta at all. Since this is a PS4 exclusive whether the Beta will be limited to that platform. But that is open ended marketing to maximize pre-orders. I noticed in the Campaign in engine video teaser that you never see more than 6 characters at one time and don't know whether that insinuates very small squad sized maps on MP. Looks like there is some virtual pregame meeting space Called Headquarters for MP and that is interesting to me for another reason. It may be a step towards VR and reminds me immediately of VRChat on Steam though I wouldn't expect them to leap into VR in this iteration unless they added it as a separate minimode.I bet it is just social. It's inevitable though. Not that I am against that because VR will be in many games soon but won't take over totally. I just have no interest in hanging about with a bunch of Avatars in

I have purchased COD before for Zombies and campaign only despite the MP being such shit but not a chance this time unless there are 32 player maps with better dedicated servers of some kind. My days of running around being dominated by 10 yr olds talking shit are over. I need a bigger WWII battle (not a skirmish) to get lost in and help the overall objective instead of being quick scoped and rinsed and repeated. Or a slower tactical game where cooperation is required.

I would be amazed if bigger maps and larger player counts came with this game.
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