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Originally Posted by sgTsTuFz View Post
its the lack of independent dedi servers. Everyone bunches up on a server using PLAY NOW - tho you can, with a bud or two, attract a rapidly increasing player count on an empty server.

You can do the join on friend thing, queues don't last too long, but its a minor pain in the butt. No one has the numbers anymore - we have maybe 5 or 6 nightly players.

and there's been several discounts of the base game for some time, there was just a amazon prime buy that dropped the cost to $10.

Just not worth it......BF4 is still WAY better in game play.

And I don't see many of "us" on at all anymore

That's why I went on my own

Plus, I'm a deplorable !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO
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