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Can I make a suggestion on how your list is presented?

I was thinking, if I were a developer and thought that I might want to start implementing some of your suggestions, I wouldn't really know what you thought was important based on a consensus. I think the list would be more useful if it was broken down (rather than categories as it is now, which is a good way to get organized) like thus:

High Priority
Medium Priority
Low Priority

Within each of the above categories you might suggest which one are 'easy to implement' and which are 'hard to implement'. This way the developers will be more likely to start implementing High Priority Easy to Implement items quickly, to get the ball rolling.

I would also suggest dividing the list in 3 columns as well. The left column would list items as you've noted, short and to the point; the second column would be larger and tell the developer in some detail why you want the particular item; the third right column would list games which actually incorporate the item in their game... so developers could check it out, or feel it's worth the investment.

By setting priorities, you're telling them what admins want the most, and at the same time the format is in a way which helps developers figure out what is important and worth their time.

the one I'm looking for:
- Editable clan or web site tags: An additional text field that can be added to the clients login name ie: |FPSadmin|Rudedog = clan/web tlogin | useielogin name

hope this helps. cheers.

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