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It feels like CoD and I'm not sure that is in a good way. It's not the best looking game I have seen. Textures are low quality and the map models look no better then a source game from 10 years ago. What am I saying, if these were user generated custom maps you would be really impressed. However these are maps for a commercial game, they are not at all great.

Gun play is very CoD like, zero recoil and lots of jumping about. Yes very CoD like! the hud is an over sized mess. At this point I'm not sure if I'm critiquing Battalion 1944 or old school CoD?!? Maybe there is a reason CoD changed and other games came along to fill the gap.

So if this is indicative of the type of thing they are trying to achieve it's a good game but not a great one. Personally I will continue to test the game as it matures. But also look to Day of Infamy for my WWII shooter fix.
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