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Originally Posted by woowoo View Post
Rude -
I didn't participate in the Alpha. I would love to hear your assessment of the game play itself and your feeling on the prospects of this game for both the PC and console community.
It's really hard to tell with only being able to play one map + one game type (even though we did get to play TDM). I will say being able to go prone now brings a whole new level to gameplay and tactics.

Here is one thing where I hated Dice for. When they removed prone from the game. By adding prone back in, you can control the map better (IF YOU PLAY AS A TEAM) which I was able to do in the Alpha. So much I was swearing and throwing things after the Alpha ended and I was back to BFBC2. That in itself made the game so much better for me.

Now I can see people who complain about camping will hate this, because instead of fighting someone with tactics or skill, they will blame them for "prone camping" - please get a life or go play CS:GO

Originally Posted by Misnomer View Post
I know you aren't allowed to disclose everything, but I wonder if you got to play with the supposedly new and improved spotting system they announced?
Sorry Misnomer, I personally did not. Now it could have been because that along with several other things (like the EAVs and unmanned vehicles) where not supported or my simply frustration trying to get use to a regular keyboard layout - hell I also invert my mouse.

I get so frustrated at these events because I invert my mouse (and most times they don't let you go in and much around with the settings - however they Dice guys where more then happy to let me play - when I finally asked them to change things).

I've started to try and use a standard key layout to help me in this area but TBH I'm getting too damn old for this stuff and like my custom layout. For some reason I don't think they would allow me to bring my DX1 keyboard and a USB key to load the drivers on
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