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zeroy 01-29-2014 07:42 PM

Rekoil Server Basics
This is preliminary information, incomplete but will get you up and running should you want to run your own Dedicated server;

There are currently no server files available from Steam but if you own the game you can use the Rekoil Steam installation folder to run a Dedicated server. I for instance connected Steam from my Windows 2003 server and downloaded the game - once done you can exit Steam as it is not required (unless you need to patch files again for update);

Locate the 32bits EXE rekoil.exe (in where steam installed it) and then create a batch file or shortcut to this file; the server command line is as follow:


Rekoil server "Riverside_PC?Game=Rikochet.RGameInfo_Team_DM?bShouldAdvertise=true?bAntiCheatProtected=true?NumPublicConnections=16?bAllowInvites=true?bUsesStats=true?bIsDedicated=true?multihome=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx -log log=serverlog.log"
The first running map here is Riverside, map list:
  • Afghan_PC
  • CityPark_PC
  • Prison_PC
  • Refinery_PC
  • Riverside_PC
  • Sawmill_PC
  • Shipyard_PC
  • Streets_PC
  • Subway_PC
  • TheBridge_PC
  • Warehouse_PC

The game here is TDM, full Gametype list here:
  • Rikochet.RGameInfo_DM
  • Rikochet.RGameInfo_HTF
  • Rikochet.RGameInfo_Team_Domination
  • Rikochet.RGameInfo_Team_DM
  • Rikochet.RGameInfo_Team_CTF
  • Rikochet.RGameInfo_Team_HTF
  • Rikochet.RGameInfo_Recondite

NumPublicConnections is the slot number, recommended settings below:
  • Death Match = 8-10 Players, 8 being recommended.
  • Team Death Match = 12-16 Players
  • Domination = 12-18 Players
  • Capture the Briefcase = 12-16 Players
  • Team Hold the Briefcase = 12-16 Players
  • Hold the Briefcase = 10-12 Players
  • Rekondite = 8-12 Players

You can edit server settings to you likings in:


Multihome parameter lets you pick the public IP for the server;

Rekoil server needs several TCP ports to be open on Firewall: 7777,7778,27015 and optionally 4580 for the web rcon interface;

To admin your server open up TCP 4580 on your server, once launched you can go to http://your_server_ip:4580/ and admin from there - change password right away of course.

Web server settings can be found here also: ..\Rekoil\RikochetGame\RikochetWeb.ini

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