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rudedog 01-29-2009 07:09 AM

Call of Duty World at War- Call for server blackout
I think everyone remembers the Call of Duty 2 server strike, which was used to get the attention of Infinity Ward. A success, if you ask me and the thousands of CoD server admins around the world. It was noted by Grant Collier at the COD4 MP summit, several of us, attended in LA as well as how many patches Call of Duty 4 received upon its initial release. It should also be noted that CoD4 was also released in Nov right before Christmas, just like CoDWW.

Well, the frustration is building again but this time with Treyarch and the latest Call of Duty title, World at War.

After their own blackout of communications, Treyarch has given us the "patch phase list" and current "phase" of the 1.2 patch (11 weeks and we are now at phase 4 out of 5). However we have never received any more info regarding the Linux bits other then; should have more info shortly..which has yet to turn up (info not to mention the files).

RGN is now choosing to unite CoD:WW admins around the world to show how frustrated the CoD:WW community is, by calling for a Server Blackout on Jan 31st 2009.

I must agree the laundry list of issues is very long not to mention the lack of any real information regarding the Linux bits for dedicated servers.

From RGNs site:
  • Fix Server Authentication Failures.
  • Fix Spawn Logic - not working properly in all gametypes.
  • Fix HTTP ReDirect it does not work.
  • Fix alt+tabbing out, and back you either get a black screen or a crash
  • Screenshots Broken - not incremental, they overwrite each other
  • Fix missing cg_drawfps feature & Fix cg_fov it resets with every round.
  • Add /record feature - Extremely important for competition.
  • Optional Head Icons & Name Tags for both Friendly and Enemy Players. - Players should not be able to put color in their name tags, like green to look like a teammate. Name tags should not show through walls - NO Enemy name tags at all or an Admin option.
  • Fix Enter Prestige, server reports "Primary grenade 0 is invalid. Setting to frag" in red text.
  • Co-op servers will show up correctly in server browser, many players have difficult joining others as well
  • Fix when you quit the game, blue screen pops up and restarts computer
  • Fix unhandled exception errors appearing randomly
  • Fix areas where a clip or texture requiring a specific sound doesn't do so when walked across.
  • The Clipping/Collision/Blocking brushes should be more detailed. Far too many places in maps that should be accessible are clipped/blocked by straight line clipping. Rooftop access and climbing of trees are a plus thus adding to playability, all the promos showed tree snipers.
  • Mod Tools must be properly patched. All the mp prefabs for each game type (CTF,DS,HQ etc..) are missing also some of the basic csv files.
  • Fix the DVARS that are not write protected that allow Rank Raping.
For more info and to show your support head on over to RGN

Misnomer 01-29-2009 11:01 AM

It is a nice thought, but I don't see it taking. I suppose I could run it by my clan seeing as we have a server in the high 90s in percentile, but most of them are not angry at the game and could care less about a boycott.

I agree that these things need to be fixed and soon. But a server boycott? The fast ranking servers will stay up. The cracked servers will stay up. The server run by people not in these communities will stay up. And....let's think about this last big one here....


They aren't relying on us for any more sales of COD5. At this point it is basically a dead game to Activision since they hit holiday and post release sale peaks http://www.gamasutra.com/php-bin/new...hp?story=21984 . The only thing they need people staying around this game for is the coming DLC. If we PC users refuse to pay for DLC anyway....why bother dealing with a boycott demanding even more free stuff.

I would like to think that quality matters and an upset community should mean something to Activision, but who are we kidding? The above money logic is probably all that matters in these cost cutting times. I would love to see another company release an unannouncemed update like the one Valve just did for TF2, but patching has become another marketing event. Either you guys need to raise some fuss to rival media (SPORE fiasco on Amazon) or you need to get over the COD2 boycott legacy.

Organzie a boycott of COD 4.2 on PC and maybe you'll make a difference.

rudedog 01-29-2009 11:20 AM

Understood Misnomer and your comments are very welcomed.

Remember that the server strike of CoD2 did get the attention of Infinity Ward. The release of CoD4 showed that they where concerned with patching the game swiftly by delivering small patches more frequently. (for the hell of it, I can't find my post listing the patch release dates cod4 vs cod5... damn old age setting in)

TBH, I've stepped away from voicing my personal opinions on these things and this post is more of a News post helping to spread the word (ok sort of). I've kind of given up on bitching all the time. :cool:

Misnomer 01-29-2009 11:27 AM

That's fair rudedog. I just think the world has changed since COD2 and sometimes RGN overestimates its power. But, hopefully I am wrong. I will talk to my clan about shutting down on the 31st, but I sincerely doubt many of them will take the time to read back on the history of this issue.

BTw. Does that list reflect the changes in the Mod tools 1.1? I know they did some releases of prefabs, wasn't sure if it affected one item on the demands list.

sgTsTuFz 01-29-2009 01:34 PM

From what i've read at RGN, yes the above list considers the modtools 1.1 patch

Heres a CoD4 update history:





This patch addresses the issue of Rank / Stat resets reported by users moving from a Modded / Un-ranked server to a non Modded / Ranked Server. This update is not intended to revert back to any previously lost rank, but to prevent the issue from happening in the future.




This patch optimizes the Lean view offset issue, addressing the glitch reported by several community members and documented and sent in directly by community member GaretJax which is commonly referred to as the ?Left / Vertical Lean? Glitch, in addition to preparing files for compatibility with the future release of the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare™ Mod Tools. This patch will update all previous versions of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare™ to v1.2




Fixed a case in which un-pure players were able to play on pure servers.

Set properties so that Anti-lag is always switched to "on" once a map loads.

Fixed an issue with sniper rifle accuracy at certain distances.

Text chat between rounds of multiplayer will no longer cut out at the end.




* "Winter Crash", a holiday version of Multiplayer map "Crash"
* Improvements to the server browser
* Fixed some rare bullet accuracy issues for all weapons.
* For server admins: fixed user ban list not working correctly on servers. Ban.txt will be created in the main or fs_game directory

Mod support:

* In the connect screen, Mods will be identified as"Mod: [mod name]"
* Only official IWD files will be read from the main directory. All custom IWD should be placed in a mod directory.
* Fix for reloading several times after connecting to a modded server
* Improved mod.ff support to allow adding game types.
* Fixed an issue with HTTP redirect downloads.
* "fs_game" will be forced to lower case




- Fixed server browser not showing all of the servers
- The "hold [ ] to steady" sniper scope hint will only appear if you can use it
- Fixed game not recognizing IWDs existing if they are all in fs_basepath and none are in the main/ folder
- Made mod scripts able to change stats
- Allow developer_script for mulitiplayer modding
- Fixed map rotation errors with usermaps
- Fix for reloading several times after connecting to a modded server
- Fixed minimap not showing up in the menu for usermaps
- Fixed an issue with Http redirect downloads.
- Mod tools will now work with other languages

NOTE: patch 1.5 is not compatible with 1.4. You will not be able to find 1.4 servers if you update.
NOTE: Please ensure you have previously downloaded 1.4 patch before downloading 1.5 as you will need the 'Winter Crash' map from 1.4.




- New Variety Map Pack: Creek, Chinatown, Broadcast, and Killhouse
- Hardcore and Oldschool server browser filters
- Fix for a Denial of Service attack.
- Includes all the changes up to patch 1.5

Originally scheduled to be released June 5, a gamer's club - Club SLI - received a 24 hour advance release, so the world got in on this one ! Thanks Nvidia for sponsoring the download !




This is the v1.6 to v1.7 patch for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. This is an incremental patch, thus requiring that the v1.6 patch be installed first. Here is a list of changes:

Fixed an exploit that allowed players to access certain console dvars during multi-player matches.
Fixed a crash that could occur when a Chinatown Sabotage match would go into over-time.
Fixed a bug where the MP icons (Bomb, Defend, Capture, etc) were always showing up as English regardless of the install language.



11.11.08 - 1.1


* Mods are now enabled in Co-op, Single Player, and Multiplayer.
* Players will now be notified when a new patch is available.
* Improvements for SLI support.
* G_Spawn: no free entities crash has been fixed.
* Server no longer runs out of script variables.
* License key is no longer required to run a Dedicated Server.
* A Dedicated Server can now be started from the Command Line via Remote Desktop Connection.
* Various fixes in Server Browser.
* Players will no longer see multiple friend invites from the same friends.
* When a player calls in a recon plane in a Hardcore match, the HUD will properly appear.
* Clan Tags will now display in game where appropriate.
* Map holes fixed
* Spawn improvements and weapon balancing

d2sjones 01-29-2009 02:00 PM

The thing to remember about the COD2 blackout was it made national news bulletins in both the US and UK in primetime news programmes.

And whilst any publicity is said to be good publicity if the community can garner the same response this time round it may help to focus games developers minds for a short time again.

ok that focus may not hang about for very long, seeing as most publishers/devs have a memory span shorter than the average 'Black Moor'

Whilst my clan cannot claim a server anywhere close to the top 20% we have discussed it and we will be joining any community action on the day.

Having said that we also plan to resurect our MOH:AA COD2 and COD:UO servers given the issues we all feel that this game has. We are very close to just treating the game media for Cod5 in the same way we treat our MOH:Stilborn

FireDawg911 01-29-2009 02:45 PM

We will be in:D

=ACID RAIN= 01-29-2009 08:01 PM

Consider it done. I'll be dropping my rental completely, permanently.

azalin 01-29-2009 10:36 PM

I hope this works and grabs their attention once more.

Its sad that is has come to this state of affairs...

I would talk to the network management i help out on to drop the servers but we run linux .. so i guess we're already striking for the cause :/ ....

Busterking 01-29-2009 11:43 PM

Comparing this to the COD2 server blackout is ridiculous.

The reason for the COD2 action which I supported:

1. When will you include an Anti-Cheat system for COD2?
2. When you you release your 1st patch for COD2?
3. What will it include?
4. What other plans have you for the support of the Call of Duty Games?
5. What will you do to ensure this situation does not arise again?

TreyArch already announced that 1.2 patch was in progress and will be released within a few weeks. They are working on the problems with the promise of patch 1.3 also in the near future.

What we have here are a few disgruntled gamers that want a patch NOW regardless of what TreyArch are saying.

My 10-78 clan will not participate in such irresponsible actions that will only punish the gamers.

Yes, many of us do not agree with this protest and are voicing our opinions.

SamCro 01-30-2009 12:06 AM

Yes I have to agree with Busterking. Our clan servers are full 24-7, we're not going to jeopardize that for a patch that's going to be out in a few weeks.

=ACID RAIN= 01-30-2009 12:57 AM

If your servers were empty, you would most likely be saying just the opposite :)

I've been there too. Full server so what do I care, right?

My rental drop request is already submitted. I'm done renting for this lame-ass game. That's money that I and my clan members shouldn't have bothered spending, not to mention the game itself.

The fact that we had to ask for a patch means that they are not doing their job. I've seen plenty of games in the past where it was almost irritating that we had to patch so often.

woowoo 01-30-2009 05:29 AM

The CoD2 blackout was necessary and had very broad support. And it achieved its goals.

I don't see the same situation here. Treyarch, while showing very poor communication, has committed to two additional patches and announced when 1.2 comes out. Additionally, I don't see the broad support that the cod2 black out had.

HarryRag 01-30-2009 06:15 AM

Our servers will be down.

1.2 announced, and no /record.

Lots of us bought this game to get back in to WWII competitive gaming again with this release.
And that is not possible without /record.
So we do need a patch that has that, and cause of TA thinking whoooo that's a bit hard to do, lets keep that for a later date, cheese come on, that are things that need to be in a game on day 1 so it should have in the the "Day 0 Patch".

In other words, we got promisses again and again, like since promisses started in dec. 2008 and we still got nothing, but only a announced half patch, no word on exact dates, just promisses promisses promisses and a retarded post about how their patch job works in phases, expand that with the time we are already waiting for any good stuff, that means the game is dead before competitive gaming can start.

so 12 hourz left for 3 servers to take down.

Busterking 01-30-2009 09:52 AM


Originally Posted by Mike_Nomad
Personally, I'm willing to BET that many of the above listed troubles are not fixed and we get handed more excuses and evasive alluding to future patches. Treyarch has eroded consumer TRUST because of their unethical practices and policies concerning Call of Duty:World at War.

Now, with the continued stalling, double-talk and lame excuses, they've only compounded the problem. I wouldn't be the least bit surised if only ONE or maybe two guys are working on the patch. Instead of making things right, they have added insult to injury.

So because of your personal assumptions you are calling for this server blackout?

So is giving them a couple of more weeks to release patch 1.2 is being unreasonable? A few that are following your directions will need to cancel their server rental, which means the loss of all their files and having to re-order their servers if in fact 1.2 fixes enough of the problems to be appealing to them where it wasn't before. It may be easy for someone that owns a dedicated gaming server but a totally different story for server admins that only rent dedicated game slots and pay a fair amount monthly for it.

So one must really ask, is this action because you hate the game or company or is it a real honest effort to have them work on the issues ?

If it's the later, then are a few more weeks too much to ask for?

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