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rudedog 01-14-2017 05:45 AM

Microsoft bringing game mode to Windows 10
With the next big Windows Update coming in a few months, Microsoft will be adding a few new features to Windows 10 that should make PC gamers happy.

As part of their Creators Update, Microsoft will be adding some PC gaming enhancements to Windows 10
Increased performance in gaming
Our goal is to make Windows 10 the best Windows ever for gaming. With the Creators Update, we’re introducing a new feature called Game Mode. Windows Insiders will start seeing some of the visual elements for Game Mode this week, with the feature being fully operational in builds shortly thereafter. Our vision is for Game Mode to optimize your Windows 10 PC for increased performance in gaming. This is a big update for Windows; we’re looking forward to Insiders getting their hands on this new feature for further testing, and we’ll have much more to share on what it is and how it works soon, so stayed tuned.

For more information and source, head over to the official Xbox wire blog

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