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rudedog 08-19-2017 06:52 PM

Hot off the presses, Tripwire annouces $40K Mod contest
Tripwire sends word that they will be returning to PAX West, Sept 2nd with an exclusive panel regarding their FPS Rising Storm 2, Vietnam.

Along with that the big news is a $40,000 Vietnam modding contest.

Tripwire and Antimatter Games, developers of Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, are proud to present the $40,000 Vietnam Modding Contest. Whether you're making a Map or Mod, bring your skills and creativity for a chance to win one of these amazing cash prizes!

Participants will have a chance to have their creations turned official and included in Rising Storm 2: Vietnam.

$40,000 in cash prizes will be awarded to top submissions in the Best Map and Best Mod categories.
The prizes and winners will be announced in two separate rounds:
Round 1 - Total Prize: $12,500. Ends October 31st, 2017.
Round 2 - Total Prize: $27,500. Ends January 15th, 2018.
- More info here

ibleedv20 08-19-2017 08:24 PM


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