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We are the awesome people who play COD: MW3.
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Task Force 2 is a gaming community founded in July 2011, we don't have alot of members at this time but we are actively recruiting. We are primarily an FPS community though our members play other games aswell, such as Diablo 3 (when it comes out) League of Legends and Rise of Immortals. We are not a hardcore clan, there is no requirement to be online 6/7 days, we are just a group of players who get together and have fun in particular games. We will have a Battlefield 3 server on release, and may also buy other servers if there is enough demand. Also for being a member you may be awarded achievements for completing certain challenges, more details later.
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im looking for good players that wants to join a good clan,u must be able to help out anyway as possible with alot of kills or be able to capture the objectives...add nishdawg on ps3 if ur intrested......if u wanna join here are the requirements TNA* requirements keep ur clan tag as TNA* nd put ur playercard as TNA* 2 make it look neat use teamwork
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We're a group of friends, all who used to be a part of another clan, but have decided to step into serious gameplay and make a new one. Everyone on here is pretty friendly, and we hope that you enjoy any experience you have with us. Games we Play: PC: Star Craft 2 Left 4 Dead 2 Team Fortress 2 Battlefield Bad Company 2 Age Of Empires III (and expansions)
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Linux users group, Desktop or server. All things Linux!
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Its just for fun and traiding of information xD
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