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Downloads [Download FSTe Foresight Server Pack]
File Name: FSTe Foresight Server Pack (233.0 KB) Download
Author: =|95th|=GenDonut[GiffE] (Uploaded by Fore)
Date Added: 12-27-2008
Downloads: 1332
Grade: A+
FSTe Foresight Server Pack
by =|95th|=GenDonut[GiffE]
Portions Based off of the
original FST by slider_v
Create a more expandable, feature-full, mod-able, foresight server pack, Yet maintain its control through the foresight application.

There is now both a SH & an AA version. Only difference is that SH version does not have rebound damage.

the Total Control menu will only FULLY work with this server pk3.


* Total Control Addon (add more settings, features etc) (maybe)
* Spawn Delay - New Cvar sv_team_spawn_interval (one in foresight app server setup)
* Stock FST Anti-Cheat (cvar on and off so you dont have to force those stupid useless alias on people)
* Cvar Toggleable Rebound damage. (credits sorridstroker)
* Player Event Expandability
* 1st Person Spectate
* Team Balancing
* FST Commands
* allies| and axis| commands to force a command on a whole team.
* Expandable morph command
* Expandable commands
* Weapons Limiter
* Spawn Protection - New Cvar g_invulnerable (one in foresight app server setup)
* Join, Spawn, Die, Messages
* Every fix made todate.
* 3 New Screenshot types.
* Error fixes in STOCK foresight
* New punishment commands (from Jim's Punishment mod)


* MG42 Team Swap fix
* Grenade Team Swap Fix
* Ladder Team Swap fix
* MG42 Crouching Fix
* Land Shark Fix
* Grenade Drop Fix
* Fps crash fix
* Under Map detection

all from elgan's documented fixes
fste-2_3kR.png by Fore on 12-27-2008
Downloads [Download FSTe Foresight Server Pack]

02-14-2010 at 08:13 PM
well i can't download it :S

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The download directory does not exist!