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Downloads [Download ModernRcon v0.8]
File Name: ModernRcon v0.8 (1.28 MB) Download
Author: JD (Uploaded by rudedog)
Date Added: 12-02-2008
Downloads: 28039
Grade: Not Rated
So I've finally gotten around to releasing ModernRcon v0.8, which introduces the Rcon Limiter!!!! The Rcon Limiter allows you to build lesser profiles for your clan mates to use, so they don't have full Rcon control over your servers...

Due to the security enhancements I had to make, you are required to install fresh with this version. So you have to remove all your servers from your list and re-add them, otherwise you will get a tamper detection warning and will not be able to connect.

Did you read the last paragraph? It's important!

Version 0.8 Changes:
  • Rcon Limiter tool for granting lesser Rcon access to friends and clan mates.
  • Fixes to PBUCON / Chat tab IP detection.
  • Significant security / encryption re-write, which requires you to FRESH INSTALL. I will reiterate; your old server list will alert you it is detecting tampering if you do not do a fresh install. You have to then remove those servers from your list, and re-add them from scratch. Sorry! but I figured v0.8 was more important than that minor inconvenience.
wwe3_wrO.jpg by rudedog on 12-02-2008
Downloads [Download ModernRcon v0.8]

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