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Downloads [Download MOHAA spawning glith fix]
File Name: MOHAA spawning glith fix (1.36 MB) Download
Author: Crowking (Uploaded by rudedog)
Date Added: 12-27-2008
Downloads: 523
Grade: Not Rated
Fix for the Spawning Glitch
by CrowKing
October 31, 2002

Requirements: MOHAA 1.11

Based on Druid's fix for this bugger of a bug.

Linux Servers: If you're running a Linux server, make sure a copy of is somewhere on your hard drive.

To use: Unzip the file into a directory and run the MoHAAPatch.exe file. Once you're finished, you will need to upload the patched file to your server if you have a remote server. Your game must be down while you do this. On a Windows server, the file to upload is gamex86.dll; on a Linux server, the file is

If something goes wrong during the patch, a backup copy of your file is saved with a '.bak' extension. Just rename this file to restore everything to pre-patch.

What is the glitch?
- Players can create objects in MP (Uboat seems popular)
- Server can crash
- Server can lag

Questions / comments / help, go to or
Downloads [Download MOHAA spawning glith fix]


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The download directory does not exist!