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Download File Date Downloads Comments
Downloads  BFBC2 R28 server documentation : R28 is the server sided documentation only (1.93 MB) 01-08-2011 1018 0
Downloads  Bad Company 2 remote admin too : This is the remote-administration protocol used by BFBC2 PC Closed Beta Server R5. It is work-in-progress; features are first added to the game, and then controlling commands are added to the Remote A ... [more] (363.3 KB) 02-12-2010 1612 1
Downloads  Bad Company 2 Tactical Field Manual : An off line guide to EA DiCE's Tactical Field Manual. I've assembled all the online features and slides into a pdf file. update Feb 8th: Thanks to Hitman and the new version now ... [more] (Unknown Size) 02-06-2010 6175 5
Downloads  BF Bad Company 2 MP factsheet : Multiplayer fact sheet by EA/Dice released at Gamecon 2009 in Germany. bfbc2_mp_factsheet.pdf dated Aug 18th 2009 (1.04 MB) 08-29-2009 897 0

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The download directory does not exist!