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04-14-2005, 01:36 PM
Here is the list I have compiled so far, enjoy:

//Banning + kicking

This can be done in 2 ways either by typing there name in , or by typing status in your console and there number next to them is the one to enter

Kick - Function

kick 134
kick noobtker

Ban - Function


banid 134 0 (adding a 0 makes it permenant and write , if u add 120 it will ban for 2 hours , and the number increments are by the minute)
banid noobtker 0

//Changing the level

Type in : changelevel mapname

changelevel de_dust2


Type in your console : connect followed by the IP


//Password + connect

Type in your console : connect followed by the ip;password "password here"

connect;password edwar

//Passwording your server

Type in your console : rcon sv_password password

rcon sv_password edwar

if you do it right u should see this : server_cvar: "sv_password" "***PROTECTED***"

taking the pass off is easy type in your console rcon sv_password none

//Other Settings

mp_allowspectators 0 =no 1= yes

mp_autokick 0=no 1= yes

mp_buytime 30 // will set it at 30 seconds

mp_c4timer 35 // will set it at 35 seconds

mp_chattime 10 // how long they can chat when the map is about to change

mp_fadetoblack 0= off 1= on

mp_forcecamera 0=off 1=on limited to team only , 2=overview only , 3=chasecam 4 only

mp_fraglimit how many kills a player can get before a new map in the cycle is selected

mp_flashlight 0=off 1=on

mp_friendlyfire 0=off 1=on

mp_hostagepenalty // how many hostages you can kill before you get kicked from the server

mp_limitteams // the number after it decides how many players difference can be on each side

mp_maxrounds // how many rounds will be played before a new map is selected

mp_restartgame // add a number to how many seconds u want it to restart the game in

mp_roundtime // how long the round will last before a new one begins

mp_spawnprotectiontime // how long u can be afk or idle before you get killed

mp_startmoney // how much money you begin with

mp_timelimit // how long a map can last before changing

mp_tkpunish // if you tk (team kill) a player if set to 0=nothing will happen , if set to 1=you will die

mp_winlimit // max number of rounds one team can win before a map change

03-27-2007, 03:28 PM
First off I would like to apologize to admin if I posted in the wrong thread. Sorry.
I have used you site for a resource on rcon commands for CSS. However when I try to changelevel, sometimes I get kicked for my clan server and it starts my own server. I did a maps * list in the clan server and it tells me that all the maps are pending. Any advice? Thanks.

12-10-2008, 02:32 AM
Will learning xhtml, html, and css coding enable me to make complex websites? I want to take a college class that teaches xhtml, html, and css coding. Will knowledge of these functions enable me to make a complex website with databases, user accounts, etc. Or do I need to learn more website design concepts? Thanks