View Full Version : Delator and no fogcheat gone bad

03-22-2003, 03:00 AM
Hi i have been using the
rcon seta clientban "12@Swearing_at_Clan_members"
in game banning it works great but anfd thats a BIG but when there kicked out it tell you that they have a fog cheat working.
im all for banning pain in the AH kids that dont know that when they join a server 9 out of 10 of clan servers and we pay for it so go with the flow as far as the rules we post them in a way that ever map some one sees them so there saying there no i could have brock a rule where are they lol.

but to call them cheaters is some what unfair is you ask me.
what can i do to fix it ?
i run Delator

oh ya thanks so much for all your hard work i help out as manny of the new admins as i can with anit-cheat apps the hot to and what not's
thanks YO