View Full Version : hay snype i have a server running on cable with 12 people

02-18-2003, 10:49 AM
so i think you need to do some more reading. i dont get much lag at all if i dont let people join who have over a 250 ping and a bad q port range or a piece of crap comp just kick them all till you get good comps running in server thats all most of my players are my friends and soon to be clan members so hay snype keep studing ok :rolleyes: frankinstine
any one who would like to talk email me at fday4@YAHOO.COM

02-18-2003, 05:21 PM
Well consider yourself lucky. Its well known that 6-8 players is about max for running a decent game on the normal cable connection. Some cable companies may allow for more upload which of course changes the ability to increase players, but the normal upload bandwidth for the average cable user is only going to be 128k. Now plug that into the maxrate formula and you will see what I mean.
(and dont try and tell me that a maxrate of 3-4000 is no different than 9000....lol).
If you are getting a higher upload then ssshhhhhhh.......keep it quiet before your ISP finds out.