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10-03-2008, 10:11 PM
Map Title: mp_al_jierz

Version: final (v 1.0)

DATE: 3 Oct 2008

Download Link(s): mp_al_jierz (http://www.thibodeau-from-maine.com/downloads/mp_al_jierz.zip)




Features: supports all stock gametypes as well as CTF/CTFB

Special Instructions: unzip contents and place folder mp_al_jierz in your COD4/usermaps folder. IWD is clean

Credits:my fellow clanmember (blmeanie) for ideas, mapping help, and testing; the members here at RGN for all the helpful information & tutorials in the forums; the members of Modsonline for helpful information & tutorials

Notes: This is my first custom map. It was inspired by my favorite MOH map "Algiers" you may recognize some of the layout near the Church/Courtyard/Ramp, but the rest of the layout is all new. I tried to capture the same great gameplay and flow of action I used to enjoy on MOH Algiers. Hope you enjoy it.

Any comments or bug reports can be sent to tibster_j@verizon.net
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