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  1. Bull's dedicated server setup guide
  2. Bull's Rcon Guide - for dedicated servers
  3. Crow King's Simple Admin Tutorial
  4. Dannyboy1121's Chat-In-Console Guide
  5. DogMeat's Banning guide for servers
  6. DogMeat's keep alive Linux Script
  7. DogMeat's Port list guide for MOH:AA
  8. How to change the MOTD (message of the day)
  9. How to set Max rate
  10. Rudedog's complete Rcon guide for MOH V1.2
  11. Setting up your server with a password
  12. This is the list of stock MP maps for Allied Assault.
  13. YoChoyLaMuete Unofficial guide to DogTag setup
  14. AEStats for Spearhead -By Cactus Rat
  15. General Death's Adding more vote options to spearhead *V2.11*
  16. Rindogs Spawn Script (Spawning a Spawn Spot Guide for SH only )
  17. Spearhead ports for use behind routers
  18. what are dmflags and how do I use them
  19. Breakthrough DM flags by blasney
  20. Spearhead DM:Flags