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  1. after 2 mods for breakthrough
  2. =SDR= Sitting Duck Realism for Break Through available here.
  3. roc n pain for breakthrough?
  4. more smoke nades
  5. BT German MG
  6. Server side mod scopes all mg's smg's rifles Breakthrough
  7. BT realism
  8. Breakthrough Maps in Spearhead
  9. Mods and Spearhead Version
  10. bt rifle mod
  11. skins??
  12. Scoped DeLisle and Other Mods
  13. Feedback on Realism Mods Available for BT
  14. some help with modding new patch
  15. Where is the callvote.cfg file in BT?
  16. .pk3 file packing
  17. Usable Weapon Racks
  18. Mod Making
  19. Need some Modding help!!
  20. Can You Remove the Use of Smoke Without editing TIK Files?
  21. Fluhafen map flaw
  22. Making a Mod
  23. Editing Grenades
  24. Is this possible for a lan
  25. AIMBOT
  26. Animations
  27. Disabling the M-1
  28. objective/score screen mod???
  29. Unlimited amno
  30. Typing in Breakthru gets cut off
  31. Distance Scale in MoH (all expansions)
  32. IP Masking Issues
  33. server side mod for making messages
  34. MOHAA SH Loadup Time
  35. Big jump server side mod
  36. My DMflags look all silly. How do I add that.
  37. My DMflags look all silly. How do I add that.
  38. How do I just Edit the currnet default BT maps.
  39. what is Filtering the server??
  40. Where do I look edit scrolling messages??
  41. How do I enable lean-walk. !!!!
  42. How do I make more dmflags ???
  43. What do I edit In my server.cfg to allow walk-lean
  44. Can I copy and edit my origanal PC's pak1.pk3 files...
  45. OHHH NOO...!!! I dont know what winzip to buy????
  46. what exe. do I need to edit the "weapons LOD." in the pak1.pk3 file...???
  47. Must I upload the whole entire pak1.pk3 file ???
  48. What .exe do I need DL so I can open and edit the callvote.cfg,MENU.cfg files etc.
  49. pk3 editing