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  24. Spawn killing
  25. Swatch seems to be working
  26. Loading/saving/activating configs
  27. Messages taking long time to broadcast
  28. suggestion for serverwatch expression
  29. SW Help
  30. Help with message events- some work, others don't.
  31. Ultra realistic server suggestion
  32. Call of Duty - Tried seta g_logsync "1" & seta
  33. any AC setup guides compiled yet?
  34. HTTP access with Server Watch
  35. weapons don't match team
  36. God, How I Love This Program
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  41. Swearfilter banning by playerknick and not IP
  42. Log Events to File
  43. WTF are "Plink Zombies"?
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  57. Timed Messages.
  59. Is it possible to display the AC Users on a timed basis.
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  61. Chat log not updating itself
  62. Patch includes banning by GUID, can SW do this too now?
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  69. Help
  70. SW with Anticheat update
  71. information purchasing SW with Anticheat (free again)
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  73. where do you get the lastest version of serverwatch?
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  75. 1.2 "tell" functions
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  79. Stats does not show.
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  82. Server Messages
  83. SW and ICQ = Nice feature
  84. PB Voilatin massages
  85. !STATS
  87. LogFile.
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  92. United Offensive
  93. Cleaning up User List
  94. Can serverwatch be set up for private passwords
  95. Adding stats to a phpnuke website
  96. Web Page COD UO JAVA Auto Laucher
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