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  1. [Help] How to use the
  2. BF3 rconNET Webinterface - rcon admin tool
  3. b3 and procon
  4. RCON Library BF3Rcon.NET
  5. BattleField 3 Command Center
  6. Players list (TeamID = 1)
  7. frostbite_server_info.exe : a command line tool to query server info
  8. Latest server docs
  9. WaRCon
  10. Remote Protocol Wish List
  11. @Kalms - Unlocks list needed.
  12. Request: Info on DLC / Karkand maps
  13. Bug: serverInfo response crippled by smallest gamemode in cycle
  14. Bug: vars.unlockMode writeable on ranked
  15. Bug: vars.crossHair -> UnkownCommand
  16. adding "wake island" ConquestSmall1 -> server crash....
  17. bug/glitch: engine gamemode name (XPack1)
  18. Two Feature Requests
  19. [bug] admin.movePlayer when server is full
  20. serverinfo does not response in a format
  21. How to find out the ping?
  22. [minor bug] vars.vehicleSpawnAllowed
  23. Does banList.load and banList.save not work?
  24. How to map teamId to "RU" and "US"
  25. How to decode cyrillic chars for the chat messages?
  26. BF3 IRC bot
  27. Upcoming banlist + maplist changes
  28. C++ How to set the RCON packet format
  29. [bug] Maplist
  30. Strange login.hashed behavior
  31. PyRCon: PRoCon Compatible Layer Server Project (ALPHA)
  32. FrostbiteRcon library in C++
  33. Documentation error: isFromServer bit in packet header
  34. list of minor issues with R19 (903227) and documentation
  35. Strange Rcon App crash
  36. [Bug] vars.gameModeCounter
  37. YARCC for BF3 - A remote admin application
  38. Please allow max team size to be the same as max players
  39. [BUG] vars.hud changes require disconnect/rejoin
  40. R20 RCON Updates
  41. Future of the BF3 RCON API
  42. R-20, getting InvalidGameModeOnMap for XP1 maps
  43. BigBrotherBot v1.8.1 for BF3 R20 released
  44. vars.vehicleSpawnDelay clamped? Upper bound?
  45. Clan Tags
  46. R-21: suppors reserved slots !?
  47. R21 admin.listPlayers fails to provide EA_GUID
  48. Are M16A3 kills reported as M16A4?
  49. RCon Dummy Server
  50. SeverVersion 940924 == R23 ?
  51. Squad ID Max Number
  52. ANy known causes to stop server traffic flow?
  53. Request to DICE: updated docu, weapon list, squad namelst, map & gamemodes
  54. New Docs and Info on Join Queue
  55. Since R-24: onKill weapon string for M416 changed
  56. REQUEST: OnPlayerTeamChange with bool movedbyadmin
  57. Should changing vars.maxPlayers cause players to get kicked?
  58. BF3 Unleashed Rcon application released!
  59. Request: More reserve slot handling options
  60. BF3: upcoming Matches feature
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  63. BattleRCON - The new program to manage the BF3 servers
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  65. Server stops sending events
  66. Punkbuster player list message isn't received complete
  67. List of weapons names
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  69. R-33 or R-34
  70. Maps and Gamemodes for upcoming DLC´s
  71. Legal (illegal) soldier and tag characters?
  72. What Causes Player Location To Show as NA?
  73. Max tickets in a round, after round has started?
  74. Rush and Squad Rush ticket allocation
  75. BF3 EndGame: rcon releated infos before release?
  76. What behavior is expected on sequence id max value?!